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at friday's mass shooting. she was among the victims and their families in attendance when james holmes made his first court appearance monday. his hair was all orange because he's some freak. she thinks he deserves the death penalty. he planed to kill more people than he did. he shouldn't be able to breathe anymore honestly. holmes appeared dazed as he listened to the judge read his rights and give notice no bond would be granted. jordan ghawi, who lost his sister jessica, skipped the hearing because he was fraid he might lash out at the suspect. i don't want to look in the eyes of the man who took away my sister and 11 other lives. tom teves, who lost his son alex, wants the media to stop covering the suspect. we always say why, why? and we never know why. but we got enough data. let's start figuring out why. and i'll guarantee one of them is because they want to be on television. hey want to be infamous. holmes has reportedly not been cooperating with police. however they say they have evidence he'd been plotting the massacre for months. a law enforcement official who 3 viewed the
... james holmes was in court monday to hear the formal charges. 3 james holmes sat calmly in the courtroom, apparently unfazed when the judge announced that he'd been charged with 142 criminal charges, including 24 counts of first-degree murder -- two for each victim. theater shooting survivor don lader needed to see holmes up close - to send the accused mass killer a message. "i think they guy's a coward and seeing him confirmed that 100%. he looked defeated, he knows that he's not the one with power anymore, that it's us." in his first court appearance last week holmes displayed a bizarre range of bewildered expressions. this time he appeared more lucid and aware of what was going on around him. his red hair matted down, at times he stared blankly at the judge's bench in front of him and then his eyes would open wide as if trying to process the court exchanges. (nats) there were dozens of victims and family members in court today to see and judge holmes' demeanor for themselves. "i got a sense that he was very aware of what was going on. i do not believe he is insane but of course i'm no
at the university of colorado's medical campus in aurora monday, sent by alleged gunman james holmes.c-b-s news reported it was addressed to a psychologist at the university -- where holmes recently dropped out of a neuroscience p-h-d program.we were told that there is verbiage, kind of a pent-up, was the phrase used, writings about shooting people and that there were some very rudimentary images in there of a shooter and victims.and there was plenty of activity at the alleged shooter's apartment building wednesday.defense attorneys and investigators were there -- and tenants were allowed to return.an official says a bomb squad has cleared the holmes apartment of booby traps.i'm ed payne reporting. the first funeral of the 12 victims was held in denver, yesterday. 51-year- old gordon cowden was laid to rest. the family requested privacy for the service. also wednesday, a visitation took place for 23-year old micayla medek in aurora.her funeral is today. the aurora community is also making a push to get the media to stop naming the shooter... and stop showing his images on t-
? massacre? suspected gunman james holmes bought a small arsenal in the months leading up to the shooting.but there's no record of him working since he dropped out of a prestigious neuroscience program at the university of colorado at denver... in june. june.holmes was only one of six pre-doctoral students to recieve a 22-thousand dollar a year grant... his only source of income. money for the grants.. comes from the national institutes of health. some people now suggest the n-i-h was the unwitting underwriter of holmes' weapons , but we do not know if that is how holmes' spent the money. the value of the guns, ammunition and bomb-making supplies is estimated between six to ten-thousand dollars. while the colorado shooting has some calling for tighter gun control laws... here in maryland it'll soon be √°easier√° for people to get a permit to carry a concealed han. handgun.megan gilliland is here with more on the federal the way business is done. good morning guys,right now, you stop at the state police barracks... they take your fingerprints and that kicks off the background check
complex... where suspect james holmes was living. he's the man accused of killing 12 people and wounding dozens of others. jackson says criminals have easy access to weapons and called attention to holmes buying six-thousand rounds of ammunition, which was legal. a pair of fish at the santa monica aquarium... are caught kissing on camera. camera.take a look at this unusual sight.aquarium workers don't know why they were smooching... but say they do tend to spawn in the summer. several children squealed in delight... as they watched on. serving those who serve our cou. country.13:31:41- 13:31:48 rick: because i have him now, i feel like i wont be the burden on my family. family. how great danes are helping wounded warrioirs on the road to recovery...and what makes them different than other service dogs. dogs. ((break 1)) the car on the left was filled up with low detergent gasoline. the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left. go a little farther with bp
that holmes was a patient of psychiatrist lynne fenton. the information was revealed in a request from the 24-year-old suspect that investigators hand over a package he sent to doctor fenton on grounds it was a protected communication. the package was seized during a search last week. a former denver prosecutor agrees with holmes' request saying it does fall under doctor-patient confidentiality... but a psychologist disagrees. ((when a patient states a clear and imminent danger to a specific person, then we have an obligation to either warn that person, warn family members, and also the authorities. )) ))a judge will also hear arguments over holmes' request today.there will be no cameras allowed in the courtroom.as for the survivors of the massacre... ten remained hospitalized sunday ... including four in critical condition. a howard county police officer is listed in stable condition, this morning... after a woman crashed her car into the back of his police cruiser over the . weekend.early saturday morning...police say yolanda murchison appeared to be driving under the influence when her ca
he tabllids won't be having a field ddyy...less than two weeks after she filed... katie holmes and tom cruise reach an agreement in divorce. the formerr power couple issued a psatement monday... saying they were committed to workinn together for their six-yeer- old daughter... suri''... best interests... and that they wanned to express respect for each other's qqote "respective beliefs." many took that part as a direct reffrence tt ssientology. felder says: "each of them had sometting tt lose. he wanted custody, he ain't nevee going to get cuutody. she wanted money, here was alsooan agreeeenttpreventing the money. the 800-pounddgorilla in the room as scientology. pnddthat was resolveddby them each making nice tt scieetooogy, they said they were going to respect each had to be. that'' the ay it &pwas. it was finnshed quicklyy" quickky." holmes and cruise were marrieddfor fiiv families with furry rrends to a new study from finland. researchers found babies that grew uu with cats or dogs had fewer ear infectiins and authors say animal-interaction helps a baby
movie theater massacre will appear in court this morning.james holmes is accused of killing 12 people and wounding nearly 60 others. others.megan gilliland is here with more on how the nation is coming together in support of the victims. good morning guys,take a look... across from the century 16 movie theater... you can see a cross has been placed for each of the 12 victims. the man responsible for putting up the crosses... did the same for the columbine tragedy back in 19-99.the memorial continues to grow as people across the country visit... to pay their respects to the victims who died during that midnight screening of the new batman movie... the dark knight rises. mos says: "we've been through a lot as coloradans. it's just very tragic. my heart breaks for all these people."mos says: "innocence. i think innocence was lost."mos says: "it hit home."mos says: "i just had to come down and wish a family member goodbye in a way. seeing his name there on the cross and you realize that this is real and just not a sto" story."the alleged shooter... james holmes... is expected to be in c
holmes... is expected to appear in court this morning. he has been assigned a public defender and authorities say he is no longer cooperating with them in their investigation. besides all the boobie traps they found in his apartment... there was also something else. we'll tell you what they found and why it's so troubling coming up next half hour.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. police are still searching for answers in the mysterious death of a woman in north balti. baltimore.the victim's decomposed body was discovered on 29th street on saturday, at the wyman house. residents say they told management about a foul smell coming from one of the apartments, as early s july 16th.the woman, who neighbors call "christie", and say is in her 30's ... was found in another man's apartment. maxine: 18.30 "i couldn't sleep lastnight, cause that was on my mind. mmm hmm."al mcclendon: 14.50 "she had just moved in about six months ago, but i don't really know nothing about her." her."et thomas ferguson: 4.49 "she was always upbeat and friendly. she was never a troublemaker that i
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9